About Me

Hi I’m Chaka I like to break things and make them better.  I am an Inventor, Maker, & Home-brewer.  I have a passion for helping others through technology. In the early 80’s I started  taking things apart, and figuring out how they work. My primary focus  is Assistive technologies, for individuals with physical disabilities. I have Bachelor of Science – BS focused in Anthropology from Adelphi University.

for over 20 years I worked in the Telecommunications field. First as an analyst, then as a Centrex administrator. In that time it was hard not to explore more of the industry, I setup my own VOIP system in my home, and also made a portable VoiP Briefcase solution. I called it a WIBIC (Wireless Broadband Internet Communicator) you can learn more about that project at www.briefcasephone.com (site still under construction stay tuned)

8 years ago, I started brewing beer, and that then turned into another hobby of building brewing rigs. I’ve found that most Home-brewers are also makers.  In late 2017 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. While fighting that battle and winning at it, I came up with several Ideas that would help people in my situation. The projects you’ll see here on the site are the results of those Ideas. When you have a lot of time on your hands like I did, you come up with some amazing things.